Furniture - Categories 1A, 1B, 2, 3, 5 and 6 (10068822-F)


Procurement #10068822-F
Description1. This NPP is issued pursuant to PWGSC Supply Arrangement (SA) # E60PQ-140003/B and covers a requirement from the following Product Category(ies) of the SA: - Product Category 1 - Interconnecting Panels and Freestanding Systems ; - Product Category 2 - Freestanding Height Adjustable Desk/Table Products ; - Product Category 3 - Metal Filing and Storage Cabinets ; - Product Category 5 - Ancillary and Lighting Products - Product Category 6 – Support Space – Collaborative Furniture 2. The Department of Public Works and Government Service has a requirement for the purchase, delivery and installation of office furniture to 11 Laurier St., Place du Portage III, Gatineau, QC by January 31, 2020. 3. This NPP covers a requirement to be solicited amongst the General Stream of Suppliers (SA holders). 4. This requirement is subject to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Canada-Columbia Free Trade Agreement, the Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement, the Canada-Chili Free Trade Agreement, Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement and Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization-Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO-AGP). 5. The bid solicitation is also open to suppliers who are not Supply Arrangement (SA) holders. In order for new suppliers to bid on this solicitation, the new supplier must first qualify for a SA. The process to qualify for a SA is detailed in RFSA # E60PQ-140003/B and can be found on the Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS - ). Canada is not required to delay the award of a resulting contract pending the evaluation of an arrangement and issuance of a SA by the PWGSC Supply Arrangement Authority. 6. There is a security requirement associated with the requirement. For additional information, consult the bid solicitation document.
Publication Date2019-10-11
Expiration Date2019-10-22


Name:Public Works and Government Services Canada
Role:Customer, Customer Representative

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