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Procurement #5P004-7797327
DescriptionRequest for Supply Arrangement (SA). The Parks Canada Agency (PCA) requires the services of Contractors capable of providing National Parks, National Historic Sites and National Marine Conservation Areas throughout Canada complete interpretive product planning and interpretive writing services (including development of thematic framework) for all types of non-personal media including a range of visitor experience products, such as panels, brochures, touchscreens, sculptures, artifact displays, multi-media and exterior signs. The interpretive writing must be in keeping with Parks Canada’s emphasis on facilitating memorable visitor experiences. The writer will work closely with the site/park staff, the product developer/designer, historians, scientists and other Parks Canada staff. The established list of Contractors will remain in effect until Canada no longer considers it to be advantageous to use it. The Contractors will be invited to provide quote on specific requirements valued up to $400,000.00. Further details can be found in Annex “A” – Supply Arrangement Information and Call-up Procedures. Details of knowledge and experience are described in the Evaluation Criteria and Scope of Work included herein. 2.1. Outline of the Supply Arrangement Process Request for Supply Arrangements will permit the expeditious processing of contracts for Interpretive Writing, suppliers, who are issued a Supply Arrangement, will have agreed to all applicable terms and conditions as well as applicable specifications (see ANNEX “A”) in advance of any contract award. Furthermore, the suppliers have been qualified on their meeting mandatory requirements. A Request for Supply Arrangement is not a contract. The Parks Canada Agency is under no obligation to solicit any proposals through the Request for Supply Arrangement. Any level(s) of effort specified herein is an approximation of requirements given in good faith. Two Phase Procurement Process It is Canada's intention, by issuance of this Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA) over the Government Electronic Tendering Service (Buy&Sell.gc.ca), to establish/maintain a List of Qualified Suppliers for Interpretive Writing. Qualification will be based entirely on meeting the mandatory requirements of this RFSA. Phase 1: is the action of soliciting offers from suppliers of Interpretive Writing from which Canada intends to establish Request for Supply Arrangements with those Contractors whose offer meets all the mandatory requirements of this RFSA. Phase 2: is the action of soliciting proposals from suppliers, qualified through the Phase 1 activity, for requirements identified on an as-and-when-requested basis by Parks Canada. Any contracts that arise from the Phase 2 activity must satisfy the requirements of the solicitation. To solicit proposals for a particular requirement, Parks Canada will issue a Request for Proposal to suppliers from the List of Qualified Suppliers for Interpretive Writing (including Interpretive Planning). Suppliers must submit their proposals according to the instructions in each RFP. The proposals will be evaluated by Canada according to the method stated in the RFP. The successful bidder will be awarded a contract. Each contract awarded will incorporate by reference, all the terms and conditions set out in the Supply Arrangement. This Request for Supply Arrangements does not commit The Parks Canada Agency to authorize the utilization of a Supply Arrangement.
Publication Date2017-05-01
Expiration Date2020-12-31


Name:Parks Canada
Role:Customer, Customer Representative

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