Helicopter Transportation Source List (DND/ D MAJ PROC 8) (2019-002)

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Procurement #2019-002
Description1. Background The Department of National Defence (DND) moves materiel and personnel domestically and internationally on an as required basis to support exercises and operations. DND accomplishes this task primarily through its own means but also contracts directly with industry for the movement of personnel and cargo by airlift – Helicopter Charters. To contract for transportation requirements that arise, DND maintains Source Lists of pre-qualified service providers and brokers. 2. Source List DND is soliciting industry applications for a DND Transportation Source List for the following services. Airlift- Helicopter Charters Domestic International 3. Validity Period The DND Transportation Source List will remain valid for a 16 month period, beginning September 01, 2019. During this timeframe any DND transportation requirements that arise will be issued to the members of the appropriate Source List. 4. Application Process To be included in the 2019 Source List, Applicants must address all qualifying criteria in the appropriate Application Form. Applications submitted by August 8th 2019 will be reviewed immediately and successful applicants included in the appropriate Source List effective September 1 st 2019. Applications submitted after August 8th 2019 will be reviewed by DND as time and resources permit and once approved will be included in the Source List for the remainder of the validity period. DND reserves the right to: (a) seek clarification from the applicant on any or all aspects of the document(s) submitted in response to this solicitation;  (b) cancel this solicitation at any time; and (c) reissue this solicitation. 5. Source List Application: Source List Application – Airlift Helicopter Charter Services – Annex A Notes : Several contracts are of high value; therefore Source List members must have and demonstrate, if requested, the financial means to deal with high dollar value contracts. There may be a requirement for the broker/provider to submit a performance bond and/or other forms of contract security in conjunction with a bid and/or tender solicitation. Be aware that some DND requirements arise on an urgent basis and may require contracted airlift within a less than 24 hour time frame. Be advised that DND may conduct a credit check and/or security check of the company and its Principals. When DND charters an aircraft, it is for the entire aircraft, which must be dedicated to the sole use of DND. 6. Planning Considerations If a service provider /broker is found to be in breach of Contract, in addition to any other remedy available to the Crown, temporary or permanent removal from the relevant Source List(s) may result. Transportation services are exempt from the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO-AGP). The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) applies. 7. Submissions Service providers and brokers wishing to be considered for inclusion in one of these DND Transportation Source Lists must forward their application to: National Defence Headquarters MGen GR Pearkes Bldg 101 Colonel By Drive Ottawa K1A 0K2 Attention: D Maj Proc 8 - Mr. Sylvain Beaulieu Applications may also be sent by email: Email: TransportationContracting@forces.gc.ca
Publication Date2019-06-28
Expiration Date2020-11-18


Name:Department of National Defence
Role:Customer, Customer Representative

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