Advance Procurement Notice - Const. Program FY17/18 - FY 21/22 - Security Requirements, Richmond, ON (DHTC - FY17/18 - FY 21/22)

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Procurement #DHTC - FY17/18 - FY 21/22
DescriptionAdvance Procurement Notice - Const. Program FY17/18 - FY 21/22 - Security Requirements, Richmond, ON DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA (DCC) ADVANCE PROCUREMENT NOTICE CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM FOR FISCAL YEARS 17/18 through 21/22 GARRISON Dwyer Hill Training Center (WITH SECURITY REQUIREMENTS) Purpose of this Advance Procurement Notice This is not a bid solicitation. This is an advance notice of potential projects with anticipated security requirements to provide interested Contractors an opportunity to apply for security clearances. Note that there is no guarantee that these projects will proceed. Description of the Project The Construction Program will consist of multi-trade and single trade, construction projects of varying sizes and complexity and Facility Management Services. The program may include, but is not limited to new construction, repair, renovations and maintenance of Department of National Defence (DND) infrastructure in support of Canadian Forces Operations. Additional technical services supporting the program may include land surveying, materials testing, geological and environmental services / studies and commissionaire services. Additional requirements will include, but not limited to; grubbing, clearing and tree/stump removal; excavation; mechanical / electrical and HVAC; hydro pole supply and installation; civil; structural; and code review. Overall program value is estimated at $25,000,000.00 over the three fiscal years, with the estimated maximum value of any individual project $5,000,000.00. Description of the Services The program will consist of projects that may include, but not limited to the following: • Construct / Renovate Heated General and Vehicle Storage • Construct / Renovate Secure Operational Areas • Construct / Repair Parking Area • Construct / Renovate Data Center and/or Communication Rooms • Construct / Renovate Single and/or Multi Storey General Purpose Building • Roof Repairs or Replacement • Construct / Renovate Training Venues and/or Obstacle Course • Renovate, Repair and/or Construct Firing Ranges • Renovations / Retrofits to Existing Structure • Berm Removal, Relocation, Compaction • Site Surveying • Geotechnical Services • Environmental Services • Facility Management Services • Electrical / Mechanical Installation, Repairs and/or Replacement • Roadway Line Painting and Signage • Fencing and Electronic Gate Repairs and/or Replacement • Security System Installation, Repair and/or Replacement (Intrusion Alarm, Security Cameras and Access Control) • General Civil works (Earth, Gravel Work and Tree Removal etc.) It is anticipated that the procurement for these projects will be initiated in the period of April, 2017 through March 31, 2022. This is conditional on the project receiving approval to proceed by DND. Security Requirements The Contractor/Offeror must, at all times during the performance of the Contract/Standing Offer, hold a valid Facility Security Clearance (FSC) at the level of SECRET issued by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD), Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). The Contractor/Offeror personnel must, at all times during the performance of the Contract/Standing Offer, EACH hold a valid personnel security screening at the level of SECRET granted or approved by CISD/PWGSC. Process Consultants/Contractors that do not meet the stipulated security requirements and that are interested in submitting proposals/bids for procurements that fall under this program can apply for the security clearance through the Industrial Security Program (ISP). This can be done by following the procedure on DCC’s website at the following link: The following information is to be provide: - Contract number DHTC14-17PRG; and - Level of clearance requested to be sponsored for. QUESTION Any questions pertaining to the sponsoring process through the ISP can be sent to the following email address: Any questions relating to the Base Program can be addressed to: Heidi Hoang Coordinator, Contract Services Defence Construction Canada 613-991-2375
Publication Date2017-04-05
Expiration Date2022-03-31


Name:Defence Construction Canada
Role:Customer, Customer Representative

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