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What is "Procurement"

Procurement is the process of purchasing goods and/or services. In most cases, companies and/or government agencies are involved in this process.

Companies and government agencies place public bids for the purchase of goods and/or services in order to receive offers from a large number of suppliers and select the ones they prefer.

Buferto collects and updates lists of publicly placed bids on a daily basis, giving its users the ability to find and track the most profitable offers in one application.

What the "Procurement" data type includes

  • type, description, and requirements of the procurement process
  • a list of purchased goods and/or services
  • the cost of the purchased goods and/or services
  • date when the order was placed, date when bidding began, and the beginning and end dates of the transfer of goods and/or services
  • addresses of the place of bidding, transfer of goods and/or services, and others
  • participants involved in the procurement process (customers, organizers of the bidding, agents, and others)
  • and more…


Historical data

Buferto stores all information about past procurements and their results for all countries from which we receive data.

Historical data allows you to use cost and regional analysis for procurement, goods, services, suppliers, and buyers.

Data sources

Buferto strives to provide current, accurate, and complete procurement information from trusted sources. That’s why we only collect and process data from the following sources:

  • the administrations of cities, counties, states
  • federal agencies and ministries
  • state trading platforms
  • official websites of private and public companies
  • and others like them...

In all, Buferto collects procurement data from over 350 sources.

Data update frequency

80% of the procurement sources we use are updated daily (and some several times a day). A small part of the procurement data is updated on a weekly basis.

Searching for procurements

Buferto allows you to perform a detailed search for procurements using 25+ different parameters. In just a minute, you can search through 4 million+ procurements to find only those that fit your requirements.

Here’s an example of a search query using procurement parameters:

  • procurement amount: >15000 USD
  • deadline for accepting bids: >7 days
  • goods/services: surfacing materials, wood, concrete
  • delivery address: Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana
  • type of buyer: government

You will instantly receive a list of procurements that match all of the above search parameters.

Tracking procurements

Buferto allows you to create tasks that track changes to existing procurements and alert you to new procurements that meet the values you specify.

Here’s an example of tracking an existing procurement:

  • all changes: yes

You’ll receive an instant notification by email and on your dashboard if there are any changes to a procurement you’re tracking.

Here’s an example of tracking new procurements (or existing procurements with characteristics that correspond to your specified values):

  • goods/services: construction works, dismantling works
  • procurement amount: >40,000 USD
  • delivery address: California
  • type of buyer: private
  • deadline for accepting bids: >30 days

You’ll receive an instant notification by email and on your dashboard with a list of new procurements matching your specified values.

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What is "Procurement"

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