Close more deals. Deliver goods and services abroad. Get access to public procurement.

No time-consuming work

Buferto daily updates data from more than 100 tender sites from 35 countries.Just imagine how much routine and time-consuming work we do for you, collecting all this information in one place.

New opportunities daily

Buferto allows to track new opportunities by tens of parameters, including addresses,amounts (given various currencies), keywords (given various languages), industries, exact customers, etc.


Use our bulk export to CSV, XML and JSON or connect our API and receive new possiblecontracts directly to your CRM in real-time.

How much does your time worth?


Find reliable procurements by tens of parameters. Ourmachine learning system will help you

View procurements


Get notified once we get procurements that suit yourrequirements. We’ll send you reports daily

Add tracking


Offer your products / services to a customer. The more andbetter offers you send, the more chances you have


Increase profits by supplying goods and services to foreignand local customers

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